Reviews: Some of These Days

“Intelligence and whimsy are seldom wedded as delightfully as they are in the poems of Robert King. Out of a lifetime of stories, wide reading and bemused, sometimes jaded, observation, he’s fashioned a persona you will want to hang out with. Pull up a chair and stay a while with this wonderful book.”
--David Mason, Colorado Poet Laureate

“Bob King writes refreshingly intimate poems that brim with honesty, humor and rue.”
--Wendy Videlock 

“King moves with ease from humor to heartbreak, often in a single poem, and his language is always fresh and clear. He has the gifts necessary to fulfill Frost’s dictum that a poem “begins in delight and ends in wisdom,” and readers will take great pleasure in making that journey with him.”
--Joe Hutchison

“This is serious, intelligent, patient,  deeply compassionate poetry about subjects that really matter.” 
--Jared Smith