Rodin & Co.


Winner of the 2011 Grayson Books Chapbook Competition

“These pages sing the details of Auguste Rodin’s life and work with yearning and truth…These poems’ ways of breaking down objects and events are as clear and accurate as Rodin’s own work. In fact, that’s the best compliment I could give Rodin & Company—the book bears the weight of Rodin’s great life and works and carries them even farther into our hearts.
--Jack Bedell

“An unfolding discovery, done over time with great care and insight. Robert King unites poetic craft, traditional and organic form, and vision as well as anyone writing today.”
--Jared Smith

“King's work, I think, does what good ekphrastic poems should do--uses Rodin as an occasion for a poem, not as scenery or a replacement for the poetic image.  I like, too, how history and Rilke and even King himself enter these poems.  Again I think that's the nature of good ekphrastic (or any) poetry.  Both statue and poem are bigger than the individual parts.” 
--Keith Ratzlaff