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To Order Old Man Laughing (Ghost Road Press, 2007) $13.05

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Order Stepping Twice into the River: Following Dakota Waters

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Rodin & Co. (Grayson Books, 2011, 25 pp.)

Send $10 for each book, plus $2 (S&H) with your name and address to:

Robert King
435 Harrison Ave.
Loveland, CO  80537

What It Was Like (Small Poetry Press Select Poets Series, 2003, 28 pp.)

These poems move from childhood to old age and back again, blending the perceptions from a variety of times.

Naming Names (Palanquin Press, 2001, 24 pp.)

From a Vietnamese restaurant to Kenneth Koch to mud puddles to evangelists to Strauss to xenon to Grand Cayman, these poems show a new freshness and variety in King’s work.

Learning American (Frank Cat Press, 1998, 33 pp.)

Poems of the intersection of Central and Mountain Time—growing up in Colorado and living on the Great Plains. “I’ve had to learn to be American, / to walk through the long grass without trail/ and let it close again.”

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Robert King

1309 40th Ave.

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